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Vacuum Heat Treating

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Vacuum Heat Treating

Metlab vacuum furnace, 24" diameter x 24" deep work zone.

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Vacuum Heat Treating

Metlab offers vacuum heat treating of stainless steel, nickel base superalloys, tool and die steels, as well as parts made from other materials. The equipment used by Metlab has an all metal (molybdenum) hot zone in a stainless steel chamber, high vacuum diffusion pump system, current proportioned power supply for controlled heating, state of the art microprocessor controls to allow for automatic temperature and vacuum control, and repeatability. The furnace is rated for a maximum 2400°F operation, at a vacuum level of 10-5 Torr. Applications for furnace include bright annealing, vacuum brazing, hardening of molds and dies, general heat treating, tempering and sintering.


  • No surface oxidation or discoloration
  • Minimal part distortion
  • No post cleaning operations
  • Near finished, machined shape prior to treatment


Vacuum Furnace - Hardening, Annealing, Normalizing, Solution Treating up to 2200°F

  • Vacuum Furnace - 24" O.D. x 24" Deep

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Metlab | Heat Treating | Surface Treatment | Metallurgical Consulting