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About Metlab

About MetlabMetlab was founded in 1928 as a manufacturer of aircraft components. As part of the manufacturing process, Metlab created an in-house heat-treating facility to handle delicate, lightweight weldments. The company developed and patented the first "drop bottom" or "gantry" furnace, to allow long, slender tubes and weldments to be hung in the furnace to minimize distortion. This furnace design revolutionized the heat-treating of aluminum as well as aircraft landing gear - providing minimum distortion and rapid cooling. Expertise in deep case carburizing, coupled with large furnaces, has allowed the company to be the choice of manufacturers of large components, such as bearings and gears.

Metlab has amassed one of the most unique and broadest heat-treat capabilities to serve domestic and international customers in diverse manufacturing operations.

Metlab has a fully equipped laboratory on site for providing quality control, process certifications and metallurgical consulting.

Due to the company's unique facilities and market niche, work is processed for customers nationally and overseas.

Metlab has specialized in providing unique facilities when none were available, as in the case of its pit furnace built to nitride the main propulsion gears for the Seawolf submarine. The furnace is 15 ft. in diameter and 13 ft. deep, and easily accommodates the 43,000 lb gear, as well as other very large components for a variety of treatments.

Mission Statement

To provide quality, high added value heat treatment and surface enhancement as a commercial service to the industrial community, on a national basis, in an environment which enhances the satisfaction, capabilities and pride of workmanship of our employees.

Metlab has been a member of MTI since 1941 and a sustaining member of the Philadelphia Liberty Bell Chapter of ASM International for more than 50 years.

Metlab | Heat Treating | Surface Treatment | Metallurgical Consulting