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Abrasive Blasting

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Oxides, paint or other solid contaminants can be removed by impinging all or selected areas of a part with an abrasive material. The abrasive, which is a powder of aluminum oxide, steel shot, glass beads or other sand-like material, is sprayed at the part using pressurized air through a directed spray nozzle. This process is used to prepare parts for further machining, coating or painting, and is also used as a final step in the manufacturing process to improve the surface appearance of the parts. The surface texture varies from a matte gray to shiny, determined by the type of abrasive used and the spray conditions.


  • Blast Room - 192" Wide by 96" High by 144" Long
  • Separate Paint Room
  • Sand and Glass Bead Blast Cabinets

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Metlab | Heat Treating | Surface Treatment | Metallurgical Consulting